வினாவிடை க்கு உங்களை வரவேற்கிறோம், இங்கு நீங்கள் கேள்விகளைக் கேட்கலாம் மற்றும் சமூகத்தின் பிற உறுப்பினர்களிடமிருந்து பதில்களைப் பெறலாம்.

About us

What is Vinaavidai? is an exciting online question and answer community for Students, Youngsters, and all peoples which aim to revolutionize the way questions are answered online. Whether you need to know the answer to a burning question, or you're bursting with knowledgeable answers and experiences you can't wait to share, will provide you with the answers you are looking for. It gives you FREE, 24/7 access to a whole world of information, and to millions of knowledgeable friends.

A worldwide community of knowledge is much more than just a place for finding things out - it's also an online community. It allows you to make friends with other users from across the world and to share ideas, facts, and opinions with each other. Start using today and you’ll soon have the most intelligent mates on the planet and the answer to everything!

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We want to provide you with the most comprehensive answers available on the Web. You might be looking for a factual answer or you might be looking for other people's experiences to help you - we aim to provide both in Tamil and English.

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To provide an informative answer for everything, drawing on our community members' personal experiences to give you multiple opinion-based answers to your questions.